Interactive Objects

Interactive Objects is a studio which design tangible technology. 

Here is a few projects of them.

It gives a interaction without any languages. A public space sharing concept

Another one is similar with it is corporative music generation. It also brings the public into a corporation in a playful way.

Translating messages into regular behaviour is a great way to redefine some public space. Small Talk is a brilliant project to make a sharing clothes peg talk for you. It achieved a nonliving conversation more interestingly.

Personal Innovation Act Project by SoftBack Group

This is project executed by SoftBank group. It is called Analog Innovation. 

It contains a series of innovation designs for introducing the Internet to the elderly with six artful inspiring concepts which are specifically designed for an old couple to communicate with their family. The designer rebuilt the home.

environment and hid technology within traditional interfaces, connecting to digital information. They translated social network information into print newspapers and video tapes, applied living video call interaction into an old telephone, and brought childhood memories and games into the internet. When a design is good people use it without noticing its existence and this project has succeeded. 

 Smart Dial phone 

Smart Dial phone 

The first episode redesigned a the old dial phone to to a video call application. Though Internet and smart phone brings a distant friend or family member more vivid than decades ago. However, the benefit of technology is hard to cover the elderly. Redesigning objects in their daily life will reduce the learning cost and increase their willing to use.

 SNS Newsletters

SNS Newsletters

In this episode, it translated screen based information into a physical tangible interface. Using something familiar and high affordance to the older adults is a great design tactic to attract them use technology. Tangible object release more trust to them. One of issues that they refuse or are afraid of manipulating screen. And also it encourages the senior to use lightweight communications. 

 Shadow Play online

Shadow Play online

In this plot, a corporative interaction has been brought online. It also follows the concept of the Personal Innovation Act, redesign old interface. The interesting point is it defined a new pattern of interaction with the grand-parenting scenario. Which is living interaction that really engages both side. 

Ghost Player

Video games, especially racing video games , have stable patterns of inputing or playing. So they can record other players' interaction history as part of machine learning to be virtual competitor. It is a positive method to attract people play with. And for this video"Player Two", It tells more. Memories behind game are a good reminder for the kid who lost his father.  So concerned to design a interaction pattern, this is a useful element for waking up grandchildren's memories. It will be saved forever and be part of memories reminder, when you miss the them, but you cannot interact with them. Like, they are offline for some reason. Or passed away. 

Storing user behaviours as a ghost into the system will also remove the gap of time difference. It allows both sides of the conversation stay without limitation of living time. After a long period communication, it can represent the part of him or her.

Another project designed by Kyle has a similar concept, for more people to interact with history. 

Something from Kenya Hara

Kenya Hara, great master of play with perceptions. In his book, Designing design, Something I need to review again. 

Here is how he explain a haptic in his show - "the Awaken of Five Senses". He explained human senses that human perceive outside of the body by only one organ, skin. Or more accurate, skin system. It includes sense of touch, smell, vision, hear, taste interface which receive information from the nature. Just for different functions, so information is different. Besides, the information from different parts are combined together in our brain. So when you perceive something, it is only comes with one single. Even if people only perceive one information. It will also arouse his memories to respond. For example, something visual can wake your memories of touch and smell. 

So with a haptic design, elements people see or hear can be translated into visual memories. So does vision. It can bring more attractive elements for them to imagine with maybe only one single interaction patterns.